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If you require a senior key individual for your organisation and they cannot be found by your usual means, headhunting is often the way to go. The real “high flyers” are not the types of individual to be found sitting on agency databases or responding to advertisements. They know that the big opportunities will seek them out due to the profile of their position in the industry. Interview a headhunted candidate through us and you’ll find that the majority of their previous career moves arose as a result of headhunting.

Our headhunting process is very thorough, systematic and detailed. It bears some resemblance to retained recruitment in that we charge a third of the fee up front, however the fundamental difference between usual retained work and headhunting is that we are proactively going out and finding individuals as opposed to handling responses to advertising.

The process has a number of stages and includes providing you with a shortlist of target companies for your approval (please note we do not headhunt from existing clients), a shortlist of target individuals for your approval and us conducting face-to-face first interviews.

Fees are higher overall (at 30%), but then so is the calibre of staff found by this means!