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Project Recruitment

“Project” Recruitment? What does that mean? Do we mean we only recruit Project Managers? Or does that mean we only do retained search and selection assignments for senior executives?Neither!

What we mean by “Project Recruitment” then? A “Project” can be any type of recruitment that we focus on specifically as a result of a show of commitment from the client. Our main focus is to work on priority requirements for a client on a retained or exclusive basis. It does not have to be retained headhunting or advertising campaigns, it could simply be just one requirement for one person that is particularly important to you. It is not our usual practice to sit on a PSL competing with maybe nine or ten other recruitment agencies trying to cover all of too many requirements.

Do you have several requirements? There will always be some that are more important or urgent than others. To start off with, let us take your most important requirement and focus specifically on that: There’s a “Project” for us.